Have you ever thought about whether your vitamins could be blended? Do you have trouble swallowing pills and want an easier way to supplement your diet? Whether or not you can blend multivitamins is actually a common question amongst many Australians. Whether you have trouble swallowing pills or whether you just don’t like them, you may be able to get the additional vitamin needs you’re looking for rather easily.

Why do you need a multivitamin?

Depending on your personal dietary needs, you may benefit from the use of a daily multivitamin. There are many reasons why people choose to take a multivitamin each day. The biggest reason is to help supplement their diet to ensure they get all of the right nutrients and vitamins needed. 

Of course, you can’t beat a healthy balanced diet to ensure you get the right vitamins and minerals each day. But, for many people, such as those leading a busy lifestyle, a multivitamin each day can ensure they get the right intake in order to stay energetic and healthy. Supplementing your diet may be a good option if you’re lacking in certain vitamins or minerals. If you’re unsure if a daily multivitamin is right for you, chat with your doctor for a more personalised approach to your needs.

Can you blend multivitamins?

There are people who have crushed or blended tablet multivitamins into their drinks, but we can’t imagine it would taste very nice! Added to this, blending a tablet may also not mix well with your liquid, leaving you with untasty vitamin lumps in your drink. This doesn’t sound very appetising at all!

How to take your multivitamin easily

One of the easiest ways to blend a multivitamin into a drink isn’t to use a tablet at all. But rather, you can use a powdered multivitamin, also known as an effervescent multivitamin. This allows you to be able to add your multivitamin to a liquid such as water or add it to your favourite smoothie. You can do this easily with the following steps:

  1. Blend your smoothie as per normal.
    If you have a favourite smoothie that you like to blend at home or at work, start by creating it. It’s best to use fresh fruits and vegetables. But, many people opt for frozen versions for ease of use and convenience.
    To keep your smoothie as nutritious as possible, use only juice from your chosen fruit and vegetables. Adding ice cream or full cream milk to your smoothie might taste nice, but you will likely add unnecessary calories to your drink.
  2. Add your choice of milk
    Depending on your dietary needs, you can add milk such as skim/lite milk, almond milk, coconut milk, soy milk or rice milk to your smoothie for added nutrients and help blend it better.
  3. Add your multivitamins
    After blending your smoothie, add a powdered multivitamin to your drink. Depending on the multivitamin you choose, it will either just add the vitamins and minerals to your drink or added flavour. Some multivitamin powders and effervescent multivitamins come in a range of flavours.
  4. Blend everything
    Give your smoothie one last blast with your blender to ensure your multivitamin powder is completely dissolved into your drink.
  5. Drink up!
    Enjoy your delicious and nutritious drink to kick start your day!

No matter your reasons for adding a daily multivitamin to your routine, it doesn’t have to be hard (or taste bad!). If you’re already preparing a smoothie each day, adding a multivitamin powder may be an ideal way to ensure you supplement your diet efficiently and get the right nutrients and vitamins each day. 

If you’re concerned about your vitamin intake or if you’re unsure if you need to be taking a daily multivitamin, be sure to discuss your needs with your doctor for a more personalised approach to your diet.