With so many different vitamins on the market, you may have come across something known as effervescent multivitamins. But, what exactly are effervescent multivitamins? There are a number of different multivitamins on the market at the moment as well as numerous effervescent vitamins.  If you’re curious to find out more about what effervescent multivitamins are and how they can be better for you then read on to find out more.

What is an effervescent multi-vitamin?

Simply put, an effervescent multi-vitamin is a vitamin that is designed to be taken in a drinkable form. They usually dissolve fully into a solution such as water. On top of this, some effervescent multivitamins are in tablet form which is then added to a drink and others, such as Ener-C, are provided in a powdered form and in a sachet.

Some people find vitamins in this form are more convenient and provide you with more ease of use and more ways to take the vitamins.

Are effervescent multivitamins better for you?

This is a question that can usually only be answered by you, personally. For some people, taking a conventional multivitamin in a pill form doesn’t work very well for them. They can sometimes cause gastrointestinal upset and therefore, another form of vitamin may be better suited to them. 

Overall, a powdered form of vitamin can be well-tolerated by most people, making it a good choice for many users. Some people experience heartburn and stomach upsets but may not have these issues when using a powdered or soluble form of a multivitamin.

The benefits of effervescent multivitamins

  • Easy to digest
    As mentioned above, one of the key reasons you may choose an effervescent multivitamin is to reduce the chance of getting an upset stomach. Some people have trouble digesting multivitamins in a tablet form. Around 1 million Australians have difficulty swallowing. The use of an effervescent vitamin means people in this situation have an improved way of supplementing their diet with multivitamin needs.
  • Reliable dosages
    Because you are adding the effervescent powder to a liquid such as water, the dosage is a lot more consistent than tablets. Effervescent multivitamin ingredients are evenly distributed within the solution. Therefore, this means you can have accurate dosing every time you take one.
  • Convenient on the go
    If you’re always on the go and you want to take your multivitamins at any given time, an effervescent powder may be the best solution. A liquid form of a multivitamin may be hard to carry around, whereas an effervescent powder in a sachet can easily be slipped into your pocket handbag or briefcase. If you’re travelling, it’s easy to bring multiple dosages with you without taking up precious room in your luggage.
  • They taste great
    One thing that many people enjoy about taking an effervescent multivitamin is the fantastic taste. Taking tablets isn’t always fun nor can you truly enjoy any kind of flavour. With an effervescent powder vitamin, you can get your vitamin needs through a great-tasting drink.

If you’re thinking about supplementing your diet with nutrients and vitamins, a tasty and refreshing effervescent powder such as Ener-C may be a great choice. If you’d like more information or personal advice about multivitamin use, be sure to have a chat with your doctor.