You know it is beginning to look like summer when you aren’t wearing your jumper as often, shorts have made a reappearance and the sun is feeling hotter on your skin each and every day. Summer is well and truly on its way in Australia!

When it comes to dealing with the Australian heat and summer in general, it’s as important as ever to ensure you stay healthy throughout the warmer months. Apart from better hydration, there are a number of other vitamins and minerals you may want to consider to improve your health this summer. If you have further questions or if you’re looking for personalised advice, we suggest having a chat with your medical practitioner.

Vitamin C

There has been a number of different studies and research into the benefits of Vitamin C on the body. Although commonly thought of as the vitamin to boost up when you’re sick with a cold or flu, it may also be a good vitamin to keep in check throughout summer. 

There has been some evidence to suggest that Vitamin C can help your tolerance to the heat. With the right level of Vitamin C, the research suggests that this may reduce the incidence of heat rash in some people, therefore making dealing with the heat much more bearable. It’s also considered a great vitamin to intake as a preventative measure against heat exhaustion. 

Vitamin A

Skin cancer is prevalent in Australia with an estimated two out of three Australians being diagnosed with skin cancer before the age of 70. Apart from better sun protection throughout summer, Vitamin A could hold the key to reducing melanoma and skin cancer risks. 

A compound found in Vitamin A known as Retinol could be what helps. Retinol functions by improving skin cell functionality and increasing regular cell renewal. The result? “Researchers discovered that those who took the supplements, in particular, retinol, were 60% less likely to develop melanoma skin cancer, the deadliest form, than those who took no supplements.” (Hazell).

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is a fabulous vitamin to keep in check throughout the summer. Vitamin E is commonly found in foods such as tofu, eggs and meat. You can also find it fruits and vegetables at lower levels. Vitamin E is an excellent antioxidant that can help rid your body of free radicals and toxins.

It is thought that Vitamin E may be another great vitamin to help protect your skin from harmful sun rays. It may help your skin recover faster if you do happen to experience sunburn, which can only be a good thing! There’s nothing worse than the pain that comes from sunburn so if you forgot your sunscreen, Vitamin E may be able to help you recover.

Supplements for Hydration

With the heat comes excess sweating. While water will help combat dehydration, for those extra hot days or days in summer where you also do a workout, electrolytes will help keep your body in check. Staying hydrated keeps your heart circulating blood throughout your system properly and gives your muscles hydroelectric energy. If you do become dehydrated, you may experience cramps, fatigue, dizziness and/or nausea.

Stay hydrated by drinking enough fluids (water is best!) but if you have lost a lot of fluid, consider drinking an electrolyte drink or supplement. Some pre-made electrolyte drinks are higher in sugar content and have preservatives that other products (such as electrolyte sachet powders) won’t have.

Summer is the perfect time to get more out of your day and enjoy the great outdoors. It’s important to stay on top of your health with a balanced diet and if necessary, utilise the above vitamins and minerals to keep your body feeling at its best. If you’re unsure if you require any of the vitamins and minerals mentioned, always be sure to have a chat with your medical practitioner for advice.