About Ener-C, The Natural, Vegan-Friendly Multivitamin, Mineral and Electrolyte Powder

Ener-C is an international brand committed to creating quality natural products. 

Ener-C was created by a pharmacist with a passion for natural and innovative products. Motivated to develop a product that helped support everyday well-being, Ener-C was launched in 2015. Since its launching, the brand has continued to grow and has expanded globally, and is now distributed in Australia and New Zealand as part of the suite of Martin & Pleasance products. 

Martin and Pleasance was established in 1855 and has an extensive range of natural remedies and medicines based on a commitment to integrity, quality and innovation.


Ener-C products are made with quality ingredients, and contain no artificial flavours, colours or sweeteners. 

The great flavours and colours in each glass of Ener-C come from natural real fruit juice powders. All products are certified non-GMO, tested and verified to be free from gluten, lactose and dairy, and suitable for vegans and vegetarians.