If you’re like many others around the globe who has suddenly started working from home, you may be having trouble staying motivated. If you’re someone who often bounces off their colleagues to stay motivated and intrigued at work, you may find the home office a stark contrast to the norm. So, how can you improve your motivation levels during this global pandemic? There are a few ways working remotely won’t feel so bad. 

Start With A Home Office

If there’s a designated area in the home where you work, chances are it will feel a lot more like going to work, rather than staying at home. Many people find that the process of going to a place to work often helps to make working remotely feel a lot more “real”. 

It’s not always possible to have a home office, especially if you’ve never had to have one or you simply don’t have the room. Instead, a simple area of the home that is set up purely for work purposes may help.

It’s also important to note that you should certainly not use your bedroom to work. While it may be comfortable to work from your pyjamas and in bed, you’re likely to not get any work done. You’ll also find it harder to sleep and stay asleep if you associate your bed with working.

Stick To A Schedule

If you need a schedule to stay motivated, working from home should be no different. Instead of waking whenever you please, be sure to have a regular time to wake up, a set time for breaks and a time to complete your workday. Knowing that you have a lunch break coming up or it’s near “home time” may be just the motivation you need to keep going when you need to most.

Waking up early often has a positive impact on people as they feel as though they can get more done in their day. But, if you’ve never been a morning person, that likely isn’t going to work for you!

Use Productivity Software

If you’re not working in management, this point may not apply to you. There are a few different productivity programs available that can help your whole team to stay focused and on the same page. There are some great options for large teams and because everything is in one place, no-one should have any problems knowing where the team is up to on your next project. Productivity software may be able to help you feel like you’re in a workplace as it’s like an online hub for everyone to get together. If you aren’t usually the decision-maker with such matters, it could be a good idea to mention it to management and see if it is something that can be organised.

Work Out and Get The Right Nutrition

Working-out can often help with motivation and an improved sense of wellbeing at the best of times. When working from home, it helps even more. Working out is not only good for your mental health but also helps with your physical well-being. This is especially useful if you’re working in front of a computer for the whole day.

When you exercise, it’s also important to remember to take good care of your insides with a balanced and nutritious diet. Eating balanced meals with fresh ingredients and whole grains with leafy greens is a good start. Some people also find it useful to supplement their diet with a multivitamin to ensure they get the right nutrients each day.

No matter what, when you’re looking for ways to find motivation when working from home, it’s best to choose a method that works for you. Everyone is different and everyone will have different ways of coping with working remotely. What is your go-to method of staying motivated when working from home?