With gyms closed and group training put on hold, it feels like it’s harder than ever to stay in shape. If you’ve relied on getting your workout fix from your local gym, you may be feeling a little overwhelmed on how to ensure you stay fit during isolation due to Coronavirus. But, it doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive.

There are a number of different ways you can still get your exercise fix all from the comfort of your own home or neighbourhood. 

Download A Workout App

The easiest and quickest way to get stuck into your exercise routine is with a fitness app. There are a number of different workout apps on the Google Play Store and App Store that can help you to stay fit.

There are various apps that assist with varying fitness levels and some apps are free (with paid additional options) and some apps are paid, but you have complete access to all videos and workout routines. 

The best part about these apps is that they often include a variety of workouts to suit your taste. Whether you love yoga and meditation or prefer something a little more high intensity such as boxing or HIIT (high-intensity interval training), there is an app to suit you.

Youtube Your Workout

If you’re looking for a convenient and free option to get a good workout at home, why not take a look at some of the many videos available on Youtube?

Many personal trainers use Youtube as a way of gaining new clients in their local region. They will often provide some great workouts and health advice and make it available to anyone and everyone. Just like fitness apps, there are a wide variety of exercise routines and styles available on Youtube to suit your fitness needs.

Purchase Some Equipment

You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on exercise equipment to get fit at home. You can usually find some basic and cheap pieces of equipment in stores that will be enough to keep muscles working and help improve your physical and mental wellbeing.

Sure, there is exercise equipment for sale in stores upwards of a thousand dollars. But, if you think about what you want to achieve with your health, you can usually find some cheaper options that will be more suitable than the expensive ones. For example, if you want to improve muscle tone or build muscle whilst at home, resistance training will certainly help. You may choose some elastic resistance bands or if you want something a little more substantial, you can find some dumbbells or kettlebells in stores at relatively cheap prices. Remember, it’s not always about the weight you’re utilising, either. Extending your repetitions with the same weight is still going to give you the workout you’re looking for.

Invest In Headphones

Music is all too common at gyms; for good reason. Music can help you to stay motivated and help you through a tough workout. If you have a stereo system at home, this might be a great opportunity to play some tunes to keep you going. But, if you live close to your neighbours, they may not appreciate your pumping tunes.

Instead, invest in a good pair of headphones so you can listen to as much music as you wish. There are a few different types available such as in-ear headphones and over-ear headphones. If you’re working out with them, one of the best options to choose is wireless earbuds. These are often built and designed with working out in mind. They can stay out of your way and are often comfortable enough to not notice them while you work up a sweat. Some also include a training app with built-in workouts.

It may be a bit different to workout at home when you’re so used to using certain equipment at your local gym. But, you needn’t miss out on your healthy habits due to social isolation. With some planning and the right tools, you’ll be able to keep up with your fitness regime simply and easily.