Whether you’re new to exercise completely or whether you’re looking to switch up your current routine, there are always some positive benefits to trying out some new exercises. One of the best reasons to try something new is due to the fact that you can keep your routine fresh and you won’t find yourself bored throughout your workout. 

If you haven’t tried these exercises before, give them a go during this new year. You never know, you may find a new-found love for some of these ideas!

Add a trampoline

Remember how much fun it was to jump on a trampoline as a kid? Trampolines may have been a secret way our parents got us to get some exercise each day, but there have been more studies into the benefits of utilising a trampoline. 

It’s a seriously fun piece of equipment to use, but it also helps to increase lymphatic flow in the body. The lymphatic system allows the body to get rid of toxins and waste. At times, this system can become blocked or lack the much needed “pump” to get moving. It is bouncing and general movement that allows this system to work effectively. 

Trampolining is also a good way to get moving without too much pressure on joints and helps with improving your posture and balance.

Try meditation

Meditation might not be thought of as an “exercise”, per se, but many believe meditation can assist with overall feelings of wellness and improving your wellbeing.

It’s important to deal with stressors in your life. Every day we often face varying degrees of stress, which can impact our health in the long term. Meditation offers you the opportunity to wind-down, relax and begin to release some of that stress. 

You can start by practising meditation at home through various online videos or smartphone apps that have been built specifically to help you meditate during a busy day.

Head on a fitness holiday

While not an exercise, it may be a good activity to incorporate at some point this year. Fitness holidays are becoming more popular, and rightly so! Instead of going on holiday and bingeing on bad foods and relaxing on the beach the whole time, you now have the chance to book a getaway that will make you fitter upon your return.

There are a number of different holidays to choose from such as adventure getaways, yoga retreats and even surfing, biking or hiking holidays. To get a great head-start on your health, this may be a perfect option for you.

Walk the walk

Walking isn’t anything new. If you’re always headed to the gym and only utilising resistance training into your regime, maybe it’s time to go back to basics?

Walking is known to provide extensive health benefits. It’s the perfect workout for those who want to stay active or those who are looking for ways to become more physical. If you’re just getting started with exercise, walking is a free, low-impact exercise that you can do pretty much anywhere. It is for this reason that it’s the perfect beginner workout, but it’s also useful enough for those who are already working out daily.

Add resistance training

Are you only ever focused on your cardio workout? Contrary to some old beliefs, women who choose to use weights in their workouts won’t “bulk up”. To put it simply, a woman who uses weights would need to have a specific diet high in protein with consistent weight work. Not to mention that women have lower testosterone levels than men, making it harder to gain larger muscles as men do.

Weight training can provide women with an increase in their metabolism levels, newfound confidence and better fat-burning capabilities. If you’re not adding weight training to your regime currently, now may be a good time to get started.

Getting the right exercise is important in daily life. If you get too stuck in your routine, you may find that you get bored and end up feeling unmotivated to do your workout. If you have a health and fitness goal for 2020, incorporate a new type of exercise today!