There are a plethora of reasons why we should all ride bikes and make them part of our day-to-day life. We outline some of the top reasons you should start riding a bike today.

Nearly all people learnt how to ride a bike as youngsters. Many people can remember their first bike. But, there are different reasons that people stop, some people never quit, and other individuals never begin. 

Some factors are evident, others not a lot. Whether you want to save money, get in shape or just attempt to do your bit to save the world, below is a list of the leading reasons that everybody should get started.

It’s good for you

Biking is an excellent way to boost your physical fitness and also heart health. Thirty minutes of everyday cycling will start to benefit your cardiovascular system. Stable biking improves and stimulates blood flow, heart, and also lung. All of these factors help to lower your risk of heart diseases such as cardiac arrest, stroke, as well as high blood pressure.

Routine biking reduces your resting heart rate, can help improve your weight, and also reinforces your heart muscular tissues. 

Enjoy yourself

The more fun you have doing something, the more likely it is that you will keep doing it. Like with any activity, if you don’t like doing it, you’ll find ways to avoid it at all costs. 

One thing that cyclists will tell you is that riding a bike is a lot of fun! Many people start riding a bike to get to work or to have a fun activity to do with the kids on weekends. But, because it is so fun, many people end up doing it consistently each week. If you want an activity that will be both a benefit to you and help you have more fun in your day, get started on riding a bike today.

Discover your surroundings

If you’re in a car or travelling on public transportation each day to work, chances are you’re taking the same route day in and day out. But, what if you were taking those same trips on a bike? 

On a bike, you are likely to explore brand-new routes, roads and you may even find some great new places right in your backyard. When you cycle, you’ll find yourself trying to find a means to stay off the roadways. You will be impressed with how much opportunity there is to simply explore your neighbourhood environments, or just how much of it there actually is when you’re not in your vehicle. 

Riding a bike may mean discovering a river you never knew existed or a coffee shop that sells the best coffee in Australia. Lots of people never genuinely understand how much there is nearby, so you may learn to appreciate your local neighbourhood even more.

Save Money

Besides the first cost of actually purchasing a bike (and there are lots of cost-effective choices) as well as its marginal running expenses, biking is free. Plus, you’re getting fit while going from A to B, saving money you might have invested in a gym subscription, along with cutting travel prices. But, your money goes beyond minimising your fuel expenses:

  • If your family has two cars, but you sell one since you’re making use of a bike more, you save all on registration and insurance costs on the second vehicle.
  • If you don’t have a car and depending on public transport instead, you can still save a good amount of money by exchanging your public transport tickets for a bike.
  • If you spend half an hour to an hour on your bike each day, you potentially eliminate the need to go to your local fitness centre anymore. Instead, you’ll get your exercise fix by riding your bike, so you can ditch your membership.

So, if you’re ready to get in shape, start a brand-new exercise/hobby as well as see even more of your area, riding a bike is the best way to do so!